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Attention professional welders looking for work in the USA. You’ve come to the right place!

At Power Labor, we have numerous job opportunities for skilled welders all across America. We have a network of business clients, including contractors, who are always looking for skilled tradespeople to fill USA welder jobs. Whether it’s steel, brass or aluminum, we have the opportunities you’ve been searching for. Our USA welder jobs require all of the physical and mental skills that a professional welder brings to the table, including excellent hand-eye coordination, intense focus and strong problem-solving and communication skills. If this sounds like you, let’s get you hired and keep you working.

Job Requirements

While requirements can vary by employer, many of our clients are looking for welders with the following educational and technical backgrounds:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A degree or certificate from a community college or vocational school
  • Experience as a welding apprentice
  • Successful completion of the employer’s welding test

Additional Skills

At Power Labor, we understand that welding is both an art and a science, and a career in welding requires skill in both areas. In addition to math skills, an ability to read blueprints and a solid understanding of metallurgy, an ideal candidate would be familiar with modern welding techniques and methods, including:

Arc welding

Gas tungsten arc welding

Shield metal arc welding

Oxyacetylene welding

Gas metal arc welding






Job Opportunities

Power Labor is here to place qualified candidates in skilled USA welder jobs. Our recruiters take the time to get to know you. We’ll evaluate your experience and skills, then work with our network of clients to find potential short-term and long-term opportunities. If the position is temporary, we’ll continue to follow-up with you and, when the job is complete, we’ll place you in a new one. Welders are in high demand, and the job opportunities we offer might serve the following industries, as well as others:






Shipbuilding and repair

Gas and oil

Looking for work as a welder? Connect with Power Labor for flexible positions.

Get Hired

When you choose us to place you in your next welding job, you’ll get all of the following:

  • A job that fits your interests and skills
  • Great pay
  • Part-time and full-time options
  • Short-term and long-term options
  • Opportunities to advance your career

Let’s get started today. Apply now and let’s get you hired!

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