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Economists forecast that job openings in Texas will pick up this year to the tune of 242,000 jobs that expand payrolls by two percent.

According to My Statesman, this prediction is below the state’s long-run average but should go beyond the estimated 1.6 growth rate through November 2016.

How Do Job Openings in Texas Look for the Construction and Energy Industries?

Texas had better statistics than other energy states last year and that is expected to continue in 2017. Rig counts and production levels are recovering in the energy sector for Texas, especially in Dallas and Austin.

From a competitive standpoint, Florida Trend lists Texas as third in the rankings of states that added construction jobs in 2016. Only Florida and California created more, and Texas created 13,700 construction jobs.

The chief executive of the Associated General Contractors of America of Labor Department is of the opinion that the construction demand is outstripping the growing supply of qualified construction workers.

If the federal government holds true to its promise to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, the demand for construction workers will become even greater. Fortunately, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure is one issue that seems to have both political parties’ backing.

Texas Ranks High as a Business Friendly State

The tax climate in Texas continues to attract corporations, and in fact, Forbes gave Texas an A+ in 2015, saying that Texas and Utah were the most business friendly states. The main reasons where that they encouraged business ownership through lower taxes and less burdensome regulations.

Contractors May Need Help Finding Workers

When the demand for workers is greater than the supply, staffing agencies are invaluable for contractors. If you’re searching for qualified workers, how can we help? Here are just a few ways:

  • Finding workers
  • Screening applicants
  • Determining whether the worker’s skill set matches your job description
  • Scheduling job interviews
  • Saving you the time and expense of looking for qualified workers
  • Helping you fill jobs quickly

Find Out How Power Labor Can Help

At Power Labor, we take pride in helping contractors find the right workers for their jobs.

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