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Construction staffing success in the USA relies on good communication, whether you are the candidate landing the job or the construction manager hiring workers and getting everyone to work as a team. This may seem like a simplistic statement, but good communication can never be over-emphasized.

How many managers get upset and fire workers over miscommunication? How many workers become disgruntled and leave a job over miscommunication? It happens more often than we would like to admit.

In Terms of Staffing, What Is Good Communication?

Being more interested in the other person than you are in yourself goes a long way toward fostering good communication. For example, no one enjoys a conversation where other people drone on and on about themselves. Nor do you like being interrupted when you’re sharing your ideas.

Workers may think they don’t get along because of ethnic differences, racial differences or age differences, but good communication can and does bridge all of these gaps.

A recent article in Psychology Today uses the example of a job interview to make this point.

It points out that sometimes a particular job applicant lands a job over another equally qualified applicant due to lack of a conversational flow. That lack makes the interviewer feel like you haven’t connected or clicked with each other.

When you listen to the other person and can validate shared viewpoints, a sense of identification with each other occurs. When communication flows easily, you form a social connection and are more likely to hire the applicant. The same is true for the applicant who feels more inclined to take the job.

What are some elements in communication that can help you connect?

  • Nodding
  • Smiling
  • Leaning forward
  • Mimicking the other person’s nonverbal behaviors
  • Getting in sync with the other person’s movements

Think about how much it means to you when another person asks for your opinion and values what you have to say. When they think you matter, you tend to think they matter. Communication is a two-way street and mastering good communication skills can go a long way toward effectively landing a job, managing a team or running a company.

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