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Staffing construction jobs becomes a challenge with the demand for construction work booming and the shortage of skilled workers continuing.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) conducted a survey in 2016 and discovered that two-thirds of construction firms had a difficult time filling necessary positions. We don’t need a survey in 2017 to tell us that after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, staffing shortages have escalated even more.

As a contractor, how can you compete?

Ways You Can Compete When Staffing Construction Jobs

Here are some ways to become more competitive about obtaining workers:

  • Broaden the geographic areas for job searches. Contractors may have to appeal to out-of-town candidates to fill skilled labor positions.
  • Adapt to current situations. Consider whether you can build a team of laborers using more journeymen and apprentices and fewer master craftsmen. The experienced craftsman can often oversee the work of less skilled labors and still ensure quality work.
  • Evaluate benefits being offered. In today’s world, benefits matter to employees and sometimes they matter more than the pay. Flexible health benefits, health and wellness programs, retirement savings plans and flexible spending accounts are a few ways that some firms are attracting experienced workers.
  • Expand the search. Veterans, for example is an additional labor pool to consider. Physically developed, disciplined vets look to return to civilian life and many would have the stamina it takes to do construction jobs and the physical nature of the job might appeal to them.
  • Develop a healthy company culture. By building stronger connections among workers, you can create more cohesive teams to take on projects.

Work with an Experienced Professional Staffing Company

At Power Labor our professionals can help you broaden geographic search areas and expand to veterans and workers in other industries looking to switch to the construction industry. We’ll help you staff your project. Skilled construction workers are our specialty and we have a vast network at our fingertips to help you find the talent you need to get the job done.

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