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Finding sufficient staff for your worksite can be a challenge at any time, but today’s business climate has created more difficulties than usual. Staffing requirements can fluctuate as a job progresses and you might find you need to scale up or scale back, depending on the season, the project or even supply chain issues. There are many advantages of using an outside service for skilled labor staffing.

Staffing companies such as ours can supply construction sites and renovation projects with qualified, skilled labor and tradesmen on very short notice. Just a few of the benefits of skilled labor staffing are availability, reliability and scalability.


We conduct the interview process to verify each individual’s qualifications, to save you extensive time interviewing and vetting potential employees. In addition, most of our skilled tradesmen have worked for us in the past on other projects, proving their skillset.

Finding a reliable, qualified individual with the proper skillset at a moment’s notice helps ensure a project is done right and on time, to meet deadlines and pass an inspection with flying colors. It also allows your project lead or foreman to shift focus from hiring and employee retention to core functions like site management.


We constantly update and enter new individuals into a large database of skilled tradesmen, to be able to match the right person or persons with your needs.


Many parts of the country are experiencing the difficulties associated with an insufficient pool of labor. There is a real shortage of available workers and especially seasoned, trained workers with the type of skills and experience required. We can supply as few or as many skilled tradesmen a site needs, dispatched from a local office to your job site.


Skilled labor staffing presents the most affordable and economical solution to a nagging problem. Number one, we can work within your budget to help determine the number and timing of the labor force required. Secondly, having the right number of experienced, skilled craftsmen can help projects get done on time or even ahead of schedule, avoiding the fines and penalties common when a project slips past its deadline.


Skilled labor staffing allows you the flexibility to scale up or pare down at a moment’s notice. We can start with a skeleton staff and build up gradually. If there is a sudden rush, companies can rely on our immediate response for extra workers at a moment’s notice, from carpenters to electricians or plumbers. When the job is complete, our tradesmen are on to their next job.


Skilled labor staffing offers you the flexibility to:

  • Fill short-term projects on-demand
  • Scale up to meet seasonal demand and business backlogs
  • Rely on experienced, qualified and vetted candidates
  • Select the type of tradesman needed for the task

Power Labor supplies qualified skilled tradesman and construction workers in the following trades: 

Commercial Roofers

Concrete Finishers

Drywall Hangers and Finishers

Steel Erectors

Millwrights and Riggers

Masonry Workers

Industrial and Commercial Painters

and more specialty trades

Your Answer for Skilled Labor Staffing

Rely on Power Labor for skilled labor staffing, for short-term and long-term positions, seasonal employment, or facilities in any type of environment—outdoor or indoor. We have the craftsmen you need when you need them.

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