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Staffing Services for Companies Seeking Skilled Construction Labor in Greater Kansas City

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Kansas City, KS breeds its own brand of hustle. From the Kansas Speedway to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank, the city combines fast action with bedrock business principles. So when businesses in Kansas City need reliable skilled craftsmen for construction projects, their first choice is Power Labor. We’re the professionals at finding, qualifying and hiring these in-demand individuals in the greater Kansas City area.

We can help you staff up for everything from putting the finishing touches on a one-off construction job to crewing a major long-term project. And like a winning Speedway driver, we get it done fast: we can even mobilize a crew within 24 hours if that’s what your project demands. Whether you need commercial carpenters, electricians, plumbers or sheet metal workers, or want skilled welders, HVAC workers or scaffolders, Power Labor has you covered.

No hassle hiring

You’ll enjoy better staffing flexibility. Outsourcing labor enables you to painlessly boost or cut manpower as needed for each project. Manning up for big construction jobs can be a headache: finding, vetting, hiring and onboarding skilled talent takes a unique set of skills. Power Labor has those skills, and more. We will locate candidates, conduct initial screenings, check references, verify education and training, handle the offer process and conduct the appropriate drug and background checks.

Talent on demand  

In today’s topsy-turvy labor market, finding the right skilled talent when you need it has become a rare skill. Power Labor routinely finds the most talented skilled workers for its clients, vetting and processing them so that they’re ready to go on day one. Our ever-expanding database of skilled tradespeople makes it easy to staff any size project with leased workers quickly and efficiently.

Save money and time

Outsourcing skilled construction workers can save you both time and money. No more overtaxing the HR department to find last-minute workers, and none of the costs associated with processing, onboarding, workers comp and unemployment insurance. Power Labor handles that for you. 

Trust our team to be your skilled employee subcontractor. Contact us today at (913) 361-7775 or 

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