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Staffing Services for Companies Seeking Skilled Construction Labor in Houston, TX

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Houston, Texas has long been the hub of the nation’s spaceflight activity, but the area has more recently been recognized for its construction boom. In an environment this dynamic, finding the skilled tradespeople you need in Houston can be a challenge. With ongoing labor market shortages and red-hot business growth, it makes sense to rely on skilled professionals to find this scarce variety of talent. That’s us: Power Labor. 

America’s most diverse city, Houston takes its own approach to outsourcing skilled construction talent. Need on-demand commercial carpenters, electricians, plumbers, or sheet metal workers? Want skilled welders, HVAC workers, or heavy equipment operators? Power Labor has you covered – we can even mobilize a crew within 24 hours if your project demands it. 

Taking the hassle out of hiring

In a demanding labor market like Houston, outsourcing skilled labor staffing enables you to painlessly balance manpower for each project. Finding, vetting, hiring, and onboarding skilled talent takes a unique set of skills, skills that Power Labor has cultivated for years. We can locate candidates, conduct initial screenings, check references, verify education and training, handle the offer process, and conduct appropriate drug and background checks.  

Hire trusted, qualified leased skilled workers

Finding the right skilled talent when you need it is our specialty. We constantly update and expand our database of skilled craftspeople, qualifying new workers on a continuous basis. We recruit the best available tradespeople, vetting and processing them so that they’re ready to go on day one. What’s more, we have a strong track record of retaining workers for the life of a project. In fact, some of our workers have been part of the Power Labor family for years, providing experience-based project continuity.  leased

Outsourcing can cut costs

Staffing projects with skilled leased construction workers can help you cut indirect costs. Unlike full-time employees, you won’t pay unemployment insurance premiums or employer taxes, and you won’t be on the hook for employee benefits. We’ll manage their payroll for you, while you cover only their hourly wages. You get full service with far less red tape and hassle. 

 Nicknamed “Space City” for its storied role in space exploration, Houston offers businesses a more earthbound but highly effective way to staff projects requiring skilled trades. Contact us today at (281) 747-5514 or

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