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Skilled Construction Staffing Agency: Emerald Coast, FL Office 

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The unimaginably white sands and crystal clear waters of Emerald Coast, FL almost disguise the area’s true nature. It’s home to several important military bases and a dynamic construction industry. A housing boom that started in the first decade of the twenty-first century and never stopped puts a premium on skilled tradespeople in the Emerald Coast construction industry. When contractors need short-term skilled construction workers and they need them now, they know to call Power Labor.

Whether you’re looking for skilled temporary carpenters, electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers, or expert welders, HVAC workers and heavy equipment operators, you need Power Labor. We can supply all the temporary skilled craftsmen you need – when you need them.

We make hiring temp skilled labor hasslefree 

Finding and hiring qualified temporary skilled trades on the Emerald Coast shouldn’t be painful. Power Labor can find, vet, hire, and onboard skilled talent for you quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll perform initial screenings, check references, verify education and training credentials, and handle any drug and background checks required. Outsourcing labor frees you to balance your workforce needs at a granular level, optimizing the boots you have on the ground for each project. Power Labor makes sure you have the skilled trades for every job scheduled.  

Skilled work crews that are ready to work 

Locating qualified workers with the right skills and experience is difficult. Doing it during a construction boom can seem impossible. At Power Labor, we’re pros at hiring parttime skilled trades. We can rapidly and cost-effectively locate skilled candidates on the Emerald Coast, and we’re constantly updating and expanding our databases of skilled craftspeople. We qualify skilled workers all the time and staff them as demand arises. Our strong track record of retaining workers for the life of a project speaks to the quality craftspeople we represent. Many have been part of the Power Labor family for years. 

Power Labor saves you money and aggravation 

Outsourcing temporary workers can lower your overall operating costs. We’ll manage the payroll for you and provide worker insurance, employee benefits, and training. You only cover hourly wages. When the Emerald Coast gets down to business, it calls Power Labor. Contact us today at (850) 979-5601 or

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