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Staffing Services for Companies Seeking Skilled Construction Labor in Dallas, TX.

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The economic boom, that started in Dallas with the discovery of the East Texas Oil Field in 1930, continues today. This growth drives the city’s diverse business market and vibrant housing and construction sectors. In this dynamic environment, finding the right on-demand skilled construction help you need in Dallas can be challenging. We’re Power Labor, and we can help. 

If you’re a contractor in Dallas and need variable commercial carpenters, electricians, plumbers, or sheet metal workers, Power Labor is the answer. We’re the “contractor’s contractor” when it comes to staffing up for projects both large and small in Dallas. Whether you need skilled welders, HVAC workers, or scaffolders, we’ve got you covered.  

No-hassle on-demand skilled trades staffing

 With Power Labor, landing a skilled leased construction crew in Dallas has never been easier. We’re experts at finding, vetting, hiring, and processing skilled talent. We conduct initial screenings, check references, verify education, certifications, and training, handle the offer process, and conduct the appropriate drug and background checks. You’ll enjoy better staffing flexibility because outsourcing labor enables you to painlessly add or cut labor as needed for each project.  

Tap into our network of skilled workers

Finding the best leased talent for your construction project is a challenge in Dallas because demand usually far exceeds supply. We have a database full of vetted, qualified workers interested in on-demand assignments and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our workers often prefer the flexibility and diversity of short-term projects, with many remaining with the Power Labor USA family for years.  

Outsourcing talent can cut costs, boost efficiency

Contractors that rely on Power Labor often find they can cut both internal costs and red tape. No more overtaxing the HR department to find last-minute workers and none of the costs associated with processing and onboarding new hires or covering their workers’ comp or unemployment insurance. Power Labor handles that for you. You simply pay their wages and leave the rest to us. 

Savvy Dallas contractors know where to go to get the highest quality skilled trades workers for skilled construction assignments. Join America’s team: contact us today at (214) 281-8350 or 

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