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Staffing Services for Companies Seeking Skilled Construction Labor in Columbus, OH

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One of the nation’s fastest-growing large metro areas, Columbus, OH features a vibrant construction industry focused on accommodating that expansion. And when contractors in Columbus need extra skilled workers to fill variable positions, they know who to call: Power Labor.  

We staff the best on-demand commercial carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and sheet metal workers for contractors across Columbus. We also source welders, HVAC specialists, and pipefitters. Power Labor USA locates, qualifies, and quickly delivers the skilled trades you need.   

Your “no-hassle” Leased skilled trades source  

Outsourcing labor enables you to quickly boost or cut labor as needed for each project. Getting all the skilled trades workers you need for big construction jobs can be a headache: finding, vetting, hiring, and onboarding them takes a unique set of skills. That’s why it makes sense to trust the professionals at Power Labor. We will locate candidates, conduct initial screenings, check references, verify education and training, and conduct the appropriate drug and background checks.  

Access our skilled trades network

We specialize in finding you the right skilled talent when you need it. We’re always updating and expanding our database of skilled craftspeople, qualifying new workers continuously. We recruit the best available tradespeople, vetting and processing them so they’re ready to go on day one. We also have a solid record of retaining workers for the life of a project. Some of our employees have been part of the Power Labor family for years.  

Cut costs and inconvenience

Many contractors find they can slash costs and red tape by staffing projects with skilled leased construction workers from Power Labor. We help you cut indirect costs. Unlike full-time employees, you won’t pay unemployment insurance premiums or employer taxes, and you won’t be on the hook for employee benefits. We’ll manage their payroll for you, while you cover only their hourly wages. You get full service without the frustrations of hiring and onboarding full-time employees. 

Contractors looking for professional, reliable skilled construction workers in Columbus need look no further than Power Labor. Contact us today at (614) 647-2300 or 

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