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Recruiting in the Digital Age is almost 100% digital. In other words, recruiting agencies, contractors and workers exchange communication about jobs online. In the past, companies received paper resumes through fax or mail and then sorted through them. Today’s workers submit their applications electronically and search for jobs online as well.

Digital Age Applications and Information

According to Business News Daily, sites like Linkedin used to just offer additional information. However, today recruiters look to digital profiles like Linkedin for information. Also, recruiters do many job interviews through video. Videos are especially useful when the job applicant is on the other side of the country. Today’s workers move around a lot more than they did in the past.

Recruiting: It’s a Candidate’s Market

What is a candidate’s market? It’s a market where a large number of employers are looking for workers, and workers have more opportunities to interview and choose the job they want. Today’s market is competitive for employers.

With instant online communication, other activities move faster also. When contractors make it difficult to apply for a position or take too much time in getting back with a prospective worker, the worker looks into job openings with other companies instead.

Contractors who are serious about getting top talent make recruiting fast and easy for job seekers. Creating a straightforward website is one way to appeal to skilled workers.

Contractors Looking For Workers

If you’re a contractor and need skilled laborers, Power Labor can do the screening for you and find the right person for the job. We make it easy for workers to apply for jobs and we get back with them quickly. Also, we find people with the right skills and line them up with an interview. We work hard to edge out the competition. It’s often much more economical for you to fill your job openings this way. It’s certainly faster.

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