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If you’re a mechanical contractor and you need skilled labor for your projects, then you know it’s more challenging than ever to find the right candidates, let alone keep them.

Power Labor is a leading provider of dependable, reliable skilled laborers to mechanical contractors just like you. We know your business, and we can help you by eliminating all the hassles associated with finding the temporary HVAC technicians, fabricators, welders, pipefitters and other skilled tradespeople you need, exactly when you need them, for both long and short-term projects.

We understand that you have tight deadlines, and our staffing agency can help you meet them by quickly sending our qualified, skilled tradesmen to your jobsite according to your schedule. Here are some of the key reasons why mechanical contractors choose to hire Power Labor for skilled tradesmen support versus hiring direct.

Overcome the Labor Shortages

It was hard enough to find talented workers before the pandemic, but now it’s much worse. The good news is that we can help. We have the tools and experience to quickly locate the right candidates when you need them. Here are some of the many ways we can make your staffing headaches disappear.

  • Comprehensive Hiring Services
    We review resumes, conduct interviews and check references before we even introduce a candidate to you. In addition to thoroughly vetting new candidates, many of our employees have worked with us for years. We know them well, and they’ve proven themselves to be skilled, reliable and dependable.
  • Access to Thousands of Construction Workers
    We have access to thousands of qualified job candidates, and our database of skilled laborers continues to grow all the time. This allows us to deliver the right employees extremely fast – much faster than you could on your own.
  • Reduce your Labor Costs
    When you choose our employees to fill skilled labor roles for your projects, they’ll be under your day-to-day supervision – just as if they were your own direct hires. The difference is, when you work with our temporary staffing agency, you don’t have to pay unemployment insurance premiums and employer taxes, nor do you have to cover the cost for employee benefits, retirement or vacation days. You’re only responsible for their hourly pay, and we manage their payroll for you.

Skip the hassles associated with finding, hiring and paying short and long-term temporary workers. Let us make your life easier and keep your projects staffed with highly-qualified, dependable skilled laborers. Contact us today to book the mechanical contractor support you need.

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