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The better you get at doing job interviews, the better chance you have of getting the job you want. Having a great resume or other info that shows you’re a good fit for what a contractor is looking for gets you in the door. Now it’s up to you to pull off the job interview.

Forbes magazine lays out some job interview guidelines to follow:

  • Don’t arrive late. Being late for a job interview makes the recruiter wonder whether you can get to the job on time. Do a test run and go to the job interview location the day before the interview to make sure you can navigate traffic and not get lost.
  • Bring contact information. Bring the name of the recruiter and department and phone number with you so there’s no confusion about the person you’re supposed to see.
  • Prepare ahead. Have a copy of your resume and a notepad for questions to ask the job interviewer.
  • Wear proper attire. Ask the recruiter what clothes are appropriate for the job interview. Should you wear a suit or dress casually? You don’t want to show up under-dressed.
  • Write down the company and recruiter’s name. At the top of your questions, write the recruiter’s name and company’s name. It’s easy to get rattled during an interview and forget names.
  • Ask questions. You need to ask about crucial job factors. For example, if the job requires travel and it’s difficult for you to do that, you should ask whether travel is a requirement.
  • Don’t interrupt. The quality of your communication is important. Let the recruiter finish asking the question or finish talking before you jump in. You may be nervous or excited to answer, but take a breath and wait your turn.
  • Stay on topic. Keep your answers relevant to the job questions. Telling a great story that describes how your skills saved the day is great, but only when it relates to your job interview.
  • Leave time in your schedule. If you book job interview appointments too closely together, you’ll give yourself a problem. Interviews can run long and you don’t want to be late for the next appointment.
  • Be sure to thank the interviewer. It’s good manners to thank the interviewer for spending time with you. Be sure to mention that you were very glad to meet the person and learn more about the job opening.

At Power Labor we look forward to helping you get a great job. Contact us if you are looking for a job opportunity. We’re glad to answer your questions.

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