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At the core of every commercial construction project, you will find carpenters. But locating skilled, experienced commercial carpenters isn’t easy. The search can often be long and expensive – especially when looking for seasoned professionals that require little, to no, training, instruction, or oversight. Imagine if you could find carpenters quickly, and only pay for them for the duration of your project?

From helpers to master carpenters: We’ve got you covered

Whether you’re looking for carpenter helpers, apprentices, journeymen, or master carpenters, Power Labor can supply the appropriate commercial carpenters quickly and efficiently. We understand that construction projects run on their own time schedules, which adhere to critical paths that somehow always call for shorter intervals.

Power Labor can supply the skilled workers you need when you need them, and make sure they are fully vetted and qualified for the positions they will handle. Will they focus on drywall finishing, trim carpentry, framing, or finish work? You’ll get craftspeople qualified to do the work. We’ll make sure they are properly trained in the operation of the equipment they’ll use and will be capable of safely completing the project on time, competently, and with precision.

The no-hassle way to find carpenters

Power Labor offers contractors a sure way to find carpenters for the temporary jobs they have without the hassles inherent in hiring and onboarding full-time employees. There’s no need to overtax your already stressed human resources department because we’ll handle all the red tape that goes with bringing on temporary workers.

We’re always updating and expanding our database of skilled craftspeople, and continuously qualifying new workers. We recruit the best available tradespeople, vetting and processing them so they’re ready to go on day one. We will locate candidates, conduct initial screenings, check references, verify education and training, and conduct the appropriate drug and background checks.

If you need to find carpenters, contact the company with years of experience at doing just that: Power Labor.

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