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Use of drones at construction sites is becoming increasingly prevalent. At some point they may be as commonplace in construction as bulldozers or cranes.

But what do drones mean for contractors and workers? The fear of automation taking over humans’ jobs has been a recurring theme in Sci Fi books and movies for many years. Yet, there are many ways construction workers can benefit from drone use.

Drones at Constructions Sites Can Make Work Safer

Statistics show that construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Taking some of the danger out of the work certainly benefits everyone.

A variety of sources report improvement in  the safety of job sites for construction workers: Roads & Bridges, Fortune Magazine, and UF News.

UF News reported about a study conducted by a University of Florida professor and his students that revealed dangers often crop up when equipment, workers and materials move around the construction site. Sites employ safety managers to warn about potential hazards, but they can’t be in different locations very quickly. By comparison, drones cover large areas at a much faster pace. Their cameras record work conditions and an iPhone or iPad can quickly receive the data. Also they can access areas at heights and in small spaces where humans can’t go. For example, they move next to edges and openings, go into the blind spots of heavy equipment and move around booms and cranes.

Other Drone Advantages

Roads & Bridges reported that drones are excellent tools for bridge inspection because companies don’t have to close roads while inspection occurs. Drones can enter confined spaces such as culverts and box girders. They can also conduct inspections in the rain and other inclement weather.

Fortune Magazine pointed out that the gains in construction efficiency provided by drones could easily translate into billions of dollars saved. They are less expensive than manned aircraft, do surveying quickly and enable greater accuracy in tracking a construction project’s progress.

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