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Construction Staffing Company: Advantages Over Hiring Direct

If you’re responsible for finding and hiring qualified, dependable people to fill construction jobs at your company, you’re likely feeling some pain. At Power Labor, we understand what you’re up against. In today’s environment, it’s more challenging than ever to find the right candidates, let alone keep them. As a leading construction staffing company, we can eliminate all the hassles. Here are some of the reasons contractors choose to use Power Labor’s pool of skilled tradesmen versus hiring directly.  

Overcome the Labor Shortage Caused by the Global Pandemic

Since 2020, every industry around the world has been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The one common denominator is labor shortages.  

We find and employ skilled workers for our clients’ short and long-term construction projects. We have the resources and experience to quickly locate the right candidates when you need them, and we can even mobilize a crew within 24 hours if that’s what your project demands.  Here are some of the many ways we can make your staffing headaches go away.   

Vast Number of Construction Job Candidates

Our database contains thousands of qualified job candidates, and it continues to grow every day.  You have deadlines to meet, and we can get you the right employees with blazing speed.  

Comprehensive Hiring Services  

We review resumes and conduct interviews and background checks before we even introduce a candidate to you.  In addition to thoroughly screening new candidates, many employees have worked with us for years.  We know them well, and they’ve proven themselves to be skilled, thorough and dependable.   

Reduce your Labor Costs 

Make no mistake. Once you choose one of our employees to fill a construction role, they’re under your day-to-day supervision – just as if they were one of your direct hires. The difference is, when you work with us, you don’t have to pay employer taxes or unemployment insurance premiums, nor do you have to cover the cost for employee benefits, retirement, or vacation days. You’re only responsible for their hourly rate, and we manage their payroll for you.  

Skip the hassles associated with finding, hiring and paying short and long-term employees.  Let us make your life easier and keep your projects staffed with highly-qualified, dependable construction workers. Discover the skilled tradesmen we have available and how we can help you staff your next project.

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