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Construction work is challenging: long hours, an often-difficult work environment, and uncertain work schedules affected by everything from seasonal shifts to the weather to stock market gyrations. Given this environment, some skilled trades workers choose to work with construction staffing companies like Power Labor instead of becoming full-time employees with construction contractors.  

We asked Jeff Aquino, Power Labor’s regional manager in the Cleveland office, ten questions about working for a construction staffing company. 

What kind of work is available?

“We’re a staffing agency in the construction sector for skilled trades. We cover all the construction markets; everything from residential to commercial to industrial.”

How much will I be paid?

“That’s based on your skills and experience. Everyone would be compensated differently. For example, an electrician with two years of experience in the residential sector doing basic work might make $15 an hour. In contrast, a journeyman electrician with 15 years of experience who may be certified and has done commercial work might earn $25 to $30 an hour. It’s all based on skills and experience.”

Is your compensation comparable to a construction contractor’s?

“It is comparable and sometimes a little bit more.”

For a tradesman, how does working with a construction contractor but for a construction staffing company work?

“Power Labor is the employer of record. You’re working for us; you are paid by us every week, not by the contractor or the job site you’re currently assigned to. Your benefits come through us – your health, dental, and vision. Your PTO is paid by us, as is any vacation time you’re accruing. If you choose to invest in the 401K retirement plan, that’s all through us.”

Typically, what is the duration of an assignment?

“The typical average is probably six to nine months.”

Can you change assignments?

“We continually reassign people to other jobs as they complete their current work. In contrast, if they hired on with a contractor, once their original job was finished, they’d be looking for work again, lose their benefits, and need to start all over again. We’ve eliminated all that: you’ll still move from job to job as jobs end, but you’re underneath our ‘umbrella,’ you’re not stopping and starting all the time and going for periods without health coverage or other benefits.”

Are there opportunities to advance your career with Power Labor?

“Absolutely. We are ABC [Associated Builders and Contractors] members and big believers in apprenticeship training. We will sponsor and pay for schooling to complete the four-year apprenticeship program to get a journeyman’s card, or if someone just wants to become certified to do other work, like a pipefitter who wants to become certified in sprinkler-fitting.”

Which skilled trades do you focus on primarily?

“All of them, but our ‘bread and butter’ are the four main trades: electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and HVAC.”

What does business look like these days?

“It looks great. There’s a massive need for skilled trades.”

Why go with Power Labor?

“We’re the experts; we’re the folks that know the industry, know the skilled trades. We have construction knowledge and connections with all the companies out there. Candidates can become well-rounded in terms of experience with us and get appropriate schooling and training.”

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