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A contracting company should be good at one key element of its business: finding the right mix of skilled labor when it needs it. However, the typical contractor may be too busy with other critical parts of its job to pay enough attention to securing a steady, qualified stream of long- and short-term skilled tradespeople as opportunities arise.

Power Labor: Your ultimate construction staffing agency

Things can change fast on a construction site as plans evolve and timelines compress. And let’s face it, you’re not running an employment agency – you’re working hard to keep the project within budget and on schedule. Sometimes that means you need qualified skilled tradespeople willing to work on short-term projects; other times, you want skilled labor ready to support your project over the longer term. No matter your need, if you’re looking for skilled labor, you’re looking for Power Labor, the ultimate construction staffing agency.

Power Labor has the expertise and experience to keep your project running optimally. We can assess your needs, locate the talent you need, and screen for the skilled trades and necessary experience. We have contacts with thousands of qualified skilled trades candidates, and our database of construction workers continues to grow all the time. This allows us to locate the right employees for you very quickly. We vet them, ensure they’re certified for the specific jobs you want them to do, perform background checks, and undertake drug testing if required.

By leaving the hiring to us, you can keep your internal HR department running like a cost-efficient lean machine, saving you staffing costs and indirect labor risk during off-peak season, or if business should slow.

Your no-hassle staffing solution

Power Labor, your construction staffing agency, handles ongoing worker payroll, benefits, tax withholding, and other HR services for the project workers it supplies. Companies often use construction staffing agencies to fill positions in situations where it might be too costly to hire and onboard full-time employees. Seasonal industries like construction often find working with Power Labor beneficial since they can hire us to staff projects quickly during their busiest months. We enable them to balance their employment needs and handle new or unexpected business opportunities.

When you choose Power Labor skilled trades talent, they’ll be under your day-to-day supervision – just like your own direct hires. But you don’t pay their worker compensation insurance premiums and employer taxes, or cover the cost of their employee benefits, retirement, or vacation days.

Learn about the value of working with Power Labor, which offers a full range of services as a construction staffing company. We will provide the right workers for your products.

Interested? Contact us to find out more about making Power Labor your construction staffing agency. 

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