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Some confusion exists regarding the roles of variable staffing firms versus employment or contract agencies.

There are various types of employment agencies, providing a range of workforce services, from temp-to-hire to direct hire placement. Construction labor staffing companies, like Power Labor, supply workers to companies in need of skilled labor for a specific project, but the workers remain employees of the agency, which meets their payroll, benefits, and other HR requirements.

Employment Agency

With an employment agency, the agency supplies the requisite number of workers to the client company, which then hires them for a given period or until it no longer requires their services. Three typical arrangements exist. These involve temporary work with a set beginning and ending date, temporary hires who could ultimately become regular employees if they fit in with the organization, and direct hires of the company, with the employment agency acting as a recruiting resource.

Staffing Company

Companies rely on staffing firms to source workers for specific non-permanent projects. Unlike an employment agency agreement, the staffing agency recruits workers for the project and handles ongoing worker payroll, benefits, tax withholding, and other HR services for the project workers it supplies.   

Companies often use staffing agencies to staff jobs that would be too costly if they had to hire and onboard full-time employees for them. It’s also a very beneficial relationship for seasonal industries, like construction, where companies can hire Power Labor to staff-up during their busiest months.

Power Labor: Your Ultimate Skilled Construction Staffing Choice

Our variable skilled workforce are Power Labor employees. It’s our responsibility to locate, recruit, vet and hire the skilled construction workers that our customers need on their job sites. Construction firms and specialty trade companies lease our sought-after workers for a project or set period of time. Players in highly dynamic sectors like the construction industry where changes occur all the time as new opportunities arise rely on Power Labor to balance their employment needs and handle new or unexpected business opportunities.  

Power Labor is perfectly positioned to supply you with all the skill trades help you need when you need it. 

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