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Construction jobs resumes, like resumes for any career, sometimes need a makeover so they’re relevant for the particular job you want to land.

When you read a job description, you often know that you’re a perfect fit for the job. But if your resume doesn’t reflect this fact, you may not get your foot in the door for an interview.

Tips for Creating Effective Construction Jobs Resumes

Here are some tips for making your resume draw the right kind of attention:

  • Make your objective clear: Know your skills and the job you’re looking for. Tailor your resume to the job and field you work in.
  • State clearly the position you’re looking for — and also whether you want full-time, part-time or apprentice work.
  • List your skills first that are relevant to the job you’re seeking. If you have additional skills, that’s fine. But don’t list them first.
  • Showcase your relevant experience first. You want to convince the employer that you are qualified and will do a good job in the position he’s looking to fill. List last the other experience you have that also makes you valuable as worker.
  • If possible (unless you have extensive experience), limit your resume to one page.
  • Format the headings so the most important/strongest details appear first. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct.

What Not to Include in Construction Jobs Resumes

  • Put your references on a separate paper and only provide them if the employer asks for it.
  • Do not include your age, marital status, religious or political affiliations or other personal details that an employer could use to screen you out.

(Reference: UC San Diego)

Rely on Power Labor for Construction Jobs in Texas

At Power Labor our staffing professionals can help you with polishing up your construction jobs resume and help you get a job that is a great fit for your skills.

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