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To gain an edge in filling construction jobs you should consider offering benefits, and this may be important in a tight job market. Today many workers will take a lower paying job with a number of benefits over a higher paying job with not as many benefits.

We touched on this fact briefly in a previous blog article, Staffing Construction Jobs: How to Compete in a Tight Job Market, and here is more information as to why.

Types of Benefits Workers Value Most

A survey done on employees by showed that workers valued the following benefits the most (listed in order):

  • Healthcare plan
  • Vacation time
  • Pay raise
  • Employee benefit
  • Performance bonus
  • Retirement plan

That healthcare made the top of the list is easy to understand, given the high costs of healthcare and the fact that healthcare is the most expensive benefit companies offer. The construction industry has some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation, and workers are at high risk for injury. It should come as no surprise that construction works highly value the healthcare benefit.

However, another interesting factor that came into play is how income affected the way workers valued certain benefits.

  • Workers making less income than $90K a year valued healthcare highly and it could be as much as 35% of the total compensation value.
  • Workers making more income than $90K a year valued vacation time the most and healthcare ranked second in value.
  • Unemployed applicants seeking a job valued the healthcare benefit more highly than employed workers who were interviewing for a different job.

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