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Construction industry Virtual Reality use is occurring more and more often.

What Exactly Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) uses computer technology to create a digital simulation of a real life setting. Users wear a headset or handle a controller to connect to the virtual reality, and they can navigate through the virtual environment, which mimics the real world.

Virtual reality has a prominent use in building information modeling (BIM). For some time, 3D models have been effectively used for building. Building information modeling (BIM) consists of using a series of images to create 3D pictures, and according to Construction World, 3D laser scanning and drone gathered imagery provide material to create lifelike pictures of homes, skyscrapers, buildings and offices.

Construction Industry Virtual Reality Use in the Design Phase

Virtual reality assists greatly in the design phase of construction but is also being used during the construction phase. It can help identify flaws and conflicts to prohibit errors from actually occurring in the construction itself.

Because VR was first used in the gaming industry and for entertainment, the public has not realized how valuable virtual reality is for the construction industry.

Future use of virtual reality in construction is likely to grow, especially as younger generations of workers who are familiar with VR and who are more open to change, embrace VR tech use in construction.

VR Used for Construction Site Safety

According to Buildupp, other uses of VR tech are for construction site safety training and for operating heavy machinery. VR is also effective in explaining site hazards to construction site operatives and visitors.

A Current Example of VR Being Used in Construction

Mortensen Construction has been using VR to build a medical facility in the U.S. It enables administrative staff and surgeons to envision the setup and functionality of operating rooms prior to construction, which in the long run can avoid errors and save on construction costs.

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