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Construction Industry 2018 projections are here and they predict estimated job growth for the highest paying jobs.

Last year saw the construction industry making a comeback with growth and a brighter future. According to US News, Labor Department predictions include continued employment growth at the rate of 13.6 percent, which means an additional 520,000 jobs by 2024.

Construction Industry 2018 Projections for Growth and Highest Paying Jobs

Here are the top-ranked paying jobs in order:

  • Construction Managers. What do construction managers do? They hire contractors, obtain work permits, schedule walkthroughs, update clients on progress and provide them with estimated work completion timetables. They also handle emergencies. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 5 percent growth, adding 17,800 construction manager jobs by 2024.
  • Electricians. The estimated growth is 14 percent for electricians (85,900 jobs) by 2024
  • Plumbers. The growth rate in jobs for plumbers is estimated at 12 percent (49,100 new jobs) by 2024.
  • Brick masons and Block masons. Masons use bricks and stone blocks for foundations and veneers. They follow specific building details, break or cut brick and stone to meet measurement requirements and lay them using mortar and grout. A 19 percent growth rate in mason jobs (14,500 jobs) is expected by 2024.
  • Glaziers. Glaziers cut and install glass in buildings. Buildings range from residences to skyscrapers and most of their work is done outdoors. Advances in technology and lift systems have opened up this field for women as well, but even so, the work frequently demands a lot of physical stamina. New glazier jobs should see a 4 percent increase by 2024.

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