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Finding commercial carpenters with the right mix of skills and experience for your next project job can be challenging, especially in areas with tight construction labor markets. The old carpentry warning, “measure twice, cut once” can also apply to choosing the right person for the job: Selecting the wrong person can cause major headaches down the road. 

Skilled Staffing Made Easier 

With Power Labor, a leading carpenter staffing agency, you won’t have to worry about screening lists of candidates: We’ll do it for you! We understand the market for contract commercial carpentry talent and know how to locate, qualify, and onboard the best candidates for your project. We can find and screen applicants, qualify them based on your needs and even perform drug testing if necessary. We’ll also handle all the red tape and details normally associated with hiring people, including taking care of workers’ compensation payments and complying with labor laws.  

As your carpenter staffing agency, Power Labor supports your human resources department, finding and preparing the talent you need and delivering people when and where you need them. We can do all the preliminary screening and send you a curated list of high-potential candidates for review.  

Gain Flexibility In an Uncertain Market 

The construction industry is often buffeted by market fluctuations and economic uncertainties, which makes workforce forecasting near impossible. Going through the process of hiring carpenters for one project only to lay them off later if business slows down can drain a company in terms of expense and the red tape and hassles it causes.  

Using a skilled construction staffing company like Power Labor allows you to adapt more easily to changing market conditions by adjusting your workforce without the complexities of hiring or laying off full-time employees. We can also enhance a contractor’s ability to staff new projects as opportunities arise, providing additional flexibility to take advantage of opportunities.   

We Have Access and Contacts 

Power Labor has access to skilled tradespeople, including commercial carpenters, looking for variable work or a change of pace. For carpenters seeking new opportunities, Power Labor routinely works with the leading contractors in the area, giving us an inside view of jobs available now and insights into new projects that are gearing up and need carpentry talent. 

Make Power Labor your carpenter staffing agency when hiring variable skilled labor. Contact us

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