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Power Labor is a full service employment contracting agency that specializes in the skilled labor construction trades.

Let us make construction skilled labor staffing work for you. Since 2012, Power Labor has been reducing headaches for construction contractors and industrial project managers by providing skilled construction workers, flexible skilled tradesmen, and HR management. With us, life gets a lot more workable.

We support contractors who need high-quality construction skilled laborers to fulfill short or long-term needs. Power Labor was built in Texas, but today serve contractors across the country. Whatever your needs, our agency will work closely with your management team to anticipate your workforce requirements and determine a plan of action for staff supplementation that aligns with your project and budget.

Eliminating the Hassles of construction job Staffing

Power Labor is dedicated to meeting your unique construction staffing requests as quickly as possible. We can mobilize a crew for you in 24 hours if that’s what you need. When you work with us, we eliminate the hassle and headaches of trying to find an experienced worker for your construction project. Our ever-growing database of skilled tradesmen enables us to fill the positions you are looking for quickly so your project isn’t disrupted or stopped due to personnel issues.

Working with Power Labor can:

  • Reduce time to staff your project
  • Reduce turnover
  • Lower overall operational costs
  • Provide insurance for all trades, in every state
  • Enhance payroll, employee benefits & training
  • Improve compliance

Partner with Power Labor Today

Power Labor is a great resource for finding your next skilled trade job or hiring skilled tradesmen in the construction industry. During uncertain economic times, finding construction jobs, and qualified candidates to fill those jobs, can be tough. Let us help you through the process.

Whether you are a contractor looking for skilled tradesmen or a tradesman looking for a quality job in the construction industry, partner up with Power Labor. We promise we will not let you down.

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